Electronic Hardware and Software Development

Gwentech develops software and electronic hardware products for consumer, industrial, and construction markets.

Software Development For An Ever-Shifting Landscape

With new platforms proliferating at wild and exciting speed, it's never been more important to work with a development team who knows where software has been and is going. Whether your project is a web application, PC application, mobile app or embedded firmware, we'll devise you a product that will build on the best of development before it and stand the test of time going forward. With our unbeatable combination of ingenuity and experience, we design for the future as much as for right now.

Development Process Built On Experience

Don't lock yourself into a second-rate result through an inflexible development process. With decades of experience, we know a project can evolve in unexpected directions with beyond-expected results. We take the time to form a solid understanding of your specifications and to prototype our preliminary ideas before beginning development. Handled with the right sensitivity and attention to detail, a good idea can grow to a great one. We're your partners in that process, every step of the way.

Empower Your Enterprise With The Best Hardware

Hardware is where the horse-power of your project is defined, and that's why you need resourcefulness, reliability and relish in the development process from your hardware development team. Gwentech has those qualities in tireless supply, and stands ready to invest the best of its talent and ideas into the heart of your enterprise, whether that's a new power system, digital control system, custom interface, or a revision to an old design.

Choose Us For Your Custom Design Electronic Solution

Have a custom requirement for an electronic product? We've got the acumen to turn it into a reality. Our dedicated team are standing by to lend their passion for innovation and efficiency to your vision. Drawing on our vast experience of designing solutions from the ground up, and on our intricate knowledge of products that have succeeded and failed before yours, we'll bring your idea to fruition in the very best form it can be!

Latest Testimonials

ETH Zurich

'Thanks to Gwentech for their product and assistance. They provided excellent support for both hardware and software'.


'Gwentech delivered a custom variation of their product in record time for a concept design. We look forward to future business with them!'

Pi Innovo

'Gwentech was very responsive in helping us prototype our concept with their GT1026 product. Thanks for your part in making our project a success!'

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