Gwentech develops software and electronic hardware products for consumer, industrial, and construction markets.

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Electronic Hardware

DSPs · Power Circuits · Real-Time Control · Custom Interfaces · Analog Circuits · Wireless

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Software Design

Embedded Firmware · Web Applications · PC Applications · Mobile Apps

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Development Tools for Engineers

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Here's how we rate our skills. If your project involves anything outside of our skillset, just ask anyway. Chances are, we know someone who can fill in the gaps.

Electronic Design
Using a chainsaw
Playing Golf
'Thanks to Gwentech for their product and assistance. They provided excellent support for both hardware and software'.
ETH Zurich
'Gwentech delivered a custom variation of their product in record time for a concept design. We look forward to future business with them!'
'Gwentech was very responsive in helping us prototype our concept with their GT1026 product. Thanks for your part in making our project a success!'
Pi Innovo

Latest News


Lighting and Embedded Technology
November 29, 2015

With the increase in the number of smart homes, it is becoming increasingly clear that embedded technology will pave the way for other smart gateway products. In the future, we will have to switch to embedded technology in order to make our homes smarter and boost the interoperability between multiple fixtures and products. One of […]


3D Printing Prototypes
November 29, 2015

One of the biggest problems with affordable 3D printers is that they are very poor at self-alignment, which can lead to several problems. However, with the use of embedded technology, it is possible to fix this drawback when developing 3D prototypes. That’s exactly what student projects like PrintPut are doing. By using conductive filament, 3D […]


Biometric Identification Technologies Get a Boost
November 29, 2015

With regard to biometric identification, the use of a lone identification technology leads to the creation of several false negatives and false positives. But, that might change if organizations or agencies began to implement what is known as bio-metric fusion. Bio-metric fusion involves the use of two constituent bio-metric identification technologies to arrive at better […]